Chloe Lavoie (chloelavoie) wrote,
Chloe Lavoie

Memory theft is the ability to steal memories and physical skills (stored in muscle memory) from others. By touching any person with her hand, Chloe can chose what memory or skill to remove. She can also take more than one at a time. After doing this, she has the chosen memory or skill herself and can use it exactly the same way the previous memory's owner did. Currently, this is irreversible and Chloe keeps the memory or ability permanently.

Besides regular physical skills, she can also temporarily borrow other students' abilities. When borrowing a special ability (i.e. flying, invisibility, etc.), the original holder of the power still has and can use their power, but Chloe can as well. They must be within a certain distance of each other for this to work and this can only be done for short periods of time.

Chloe is also able to erase large chunks of someone's memory, including erasing specific people or events entirely. In extreme cases, she can even wipe her victim's memory far enough that they are immobilized, by making them forget how to walk or stand. She is also able remove everything from one's victim, causing them to be a "blank slate". Doing this causes her victim to forget everything including how to speak, sit up straight, etc. and would have to re-learn everything from the ground up.

Using her power to share abilities or wipe multiple memories makes Chloe feel physically tired and sore, as well as giving her headaches. How painful it is for her and how long the pain lasts depend on how many memories she's taken. In some cases, her victim can feel similar symptoms, especially if a lot has been taken from them.

She's working on keeping stolen memories locked into her subconscious, as they have a tendency to get stuck in her head and even sometimes wind up her in her dreams. While she hasn't discovered or experienced this, it's possible for her to develop personality traits, as well, from others.
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